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Asher is 7 Months + Family Pictures... Finally

Words. That's typically the space filler I use when I begin to create a blog post as I add images in first. Then I usually go back and fill in what I want those words to be. But today I'm at a loss... what words are there in the English language, or any other language for that matter, that can precisely communicate with you the joy my heart feels being a wife, mom and putting family first. None. So.... pictures instead. And how lovely they are. As I type this Asher will be 7 months this week. My heart. 0Y6A3534 Our photos were taken by Wedding photographer, Debra Eby. I met Debra while lunching with her, my friend and team member Serena and another talented photographer Emily A. a few weeks ago. We had actually all been at the opening of The Conservatorie in St. Augustine a week prior but didn't realize it until we posted photos on Instagram. So... to actually BE social (like... in person) and start meeting wedding vendors in Northeast Florida we scheduled a lunch date and now I have a family photographer for life. Yay. She took hundreds... here are some of my favorites. 0Y6A3775 0Y6A3801 0Y6A3855 0Y6A3620 0Y6A3756 0Y6A3840 0Y6A3547 0Y6A3635 0Y6A3647 0Y6A3683 0Y6A3884 0Y6A3922 0Y6A3959 With all the amazing technology and crazy talented photographers out there today, every family should have the treasure of family photos like these. Best investment I've made. These beauties will be gracing our Christmas cards this year and nearly every wall in my house.  

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