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Asher's Classic Baby Boy Nursery

Now that Baby Vreeland has been officially introduced as Asher Jordan Vreeland, I'm excited to share with you his classic baby boy nursery I've put together while anticipating his arrival.

Andrew and I's personal design style is very neutral and simple so I set out to create a classic boy nursery free of brightly colored characters, patterns and trinkets and focused more on classic boy things and tried to incorporate items with meaning behind them.


The crib and dresser are from Ikea. While we frequent Restoration Hardware for our furniture though the house, I was determined not to go bonkers buying expensive nursery furniture. The dresser used to be in our master bedroom but since we recently moved and are using another piece, I figured it'd be great to double as a changing table too so I just purchased the crib to match. That crib was less than $300 with the mattress and all! I did, however spring for a soft sheet set from Restoration Hardware with a simple flax strip and baby blue sheets. Adore them.



Those "boy" things I incorporated in the decor all have meaning behind them too. Andrew is a lover of animals and sailing, great at golf, tennis, surfing and works in aviation so I used him as my inspiration. Above I found this mobile on Etsy of handmade fabric birds and the colors matched this ABCs print that includes all those "boy" things too. Perfect color match.



The eagle is the mascot of Andrew's alma mater Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. This print was given to Andrew a few years ago from his mom for his birthday. And those shoes were Andrew's when he was a baby.



The rocker I did splurge on. I got this from Pottery Barn, but chose to save $500 by buying a poof from Restoration Hardware to rest my feet on instead of getting the matching ottoman. Win win. The great thing about this piece is that once Asher grows up we can easily move this piece into the living room and it will match our regular furniture. You can switch out the legs too to make it a regular chair.


I have an unhealthy addiction to stuffed animals so I could not pass up this giant teddy bear for my reading corner. ;-)



The cluster of wooden items hung above the dresser is kind of a funny story. Andrew had accumulated these over time in hopes of using them in some decor in our house but I could never find the right spot for them. They were piled together in our move and I noticed how the colors worked so well together and all the "boy" things fit perfectly with my theme for a sophisticated baby boy nursery so we screwed them into the wall and bam! they look great!


co-sleeper set up

...WHO really brings a newborn baby home from the hospital and lets him sleep alone in a nursery? Not this girl. For Asher's first stages of life, we've found this little corner in our master bedroom to be the best mini-nursery for him complete with co-sleeper that snugs up to my side of the bed for easy access during the night and I've stuff the pockets with every easy-to-dress-him-in outfit for diaper blowouts, blankets, towels for diaper changing and of course... diaper changing supplies and bin. Simple dimple.

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