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My Ready for Bed Routine


Ready for Bed Routine is a clever book designed to teach your little one about their nightly bedtime schedule.

Better than a bedtime routine chart!  

By reading this book regularly with your toddler, they will learn the nightly steps they need to do to get ready for bed.  The simple format of “Step 1, 2, 3,…” is easy to remember and gives your child a sense of independence as they carry out the routine on their own each night.  Colorful illustrations help to portray each task to make a lasting impression on their memory.

Author Heather Vreeland says "I designed this book because I was looking for a more impactful way to teach our son how to get ready for bed in a way that didn’t result in a meltdown every night. It had to be more memorable than a forgotten checklist on the wall and definitely more fun than me barking orders at him every night. After I found myself reading Asher’s favorite books to him over and over again, and marveled at the way he could remember the stories, it was then I realized a book was the perfect solution. "

"This book does exactly what it's intended to do – Help your toddler learn how to get ready for bed.  No frills, no extra words, just concise and to the point with really beautiful illustrations. It sets expectations and makes bedtime fun."

- Stephanie Hansen

Make bedtime a breeze for mom and dad and your little one feel like a big kid with a book they’ll recall for a lifetime.